SERVPRO of Beverly / Cape Ann Employee Photos

Male employee with blonde hair smiling in front of SERVPRO vehicle .

Danny Gillespie

Danny is off to a great start as our Production Manager/Estimator here at SERVPRO of Beverly/ Cape Ann. Danny has been with us for 2 years and is constantly and continually learning in the water, fire, and mold remediation/restoration process. Danny is also a USA Army Veteran. He is combining other work experience as well as experience with people in his new role with SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann. Danny has completed the SERVPRO Employee Training Program that teaches advanced cleaning and restoration techniques as well as how to use our professional tools/equipment. The training and our owner both hold a high standard on customer service and Danny continues to take pride in this area. He is on the road to achieve additional certifications such as the Applied Structural Drying Technician and Carpet Cleaning Technician. Danny is a huge asset to the team!  He has also established the Safety Training program for the franchise. as well as Production Technician Training.  Danny is also adept at helping in the office when computer issues get the best of us! Our shop has never been so clean, and all his co-workers enjoy well as our customers! Danny is a New England sport's junkie, during nice weather you can find Danny on a Basketball court.

kevin is smiling infront of our SERVPRO Vehicle

Kevin Dasilva

Kevin is off to a great start as a Crew Chief.  Kevin is learning about SERVPRO through the Online Crew Training, which teaches advanced cleaning and restoration techniques as well as how to properly use our professional tools/equipment. Kevin is a very fast learner who is able to adapt to the many situations of a SERVPRO Production Technician!  Kevin’s work ethic has a let us get it done effect.  Kevin is a nice addition to the SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann Team. Kevin is mastering the role of a chief and is also very helpful to all in the office and warehouse. He has a bright future with SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann! Kevin Likes to spend his free time, working on his bike, traveling with his dart league, fishing, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Nelly is laying infront of white garage door

Nellie Lagrassa, Shop Dog

Nelly is a loveable and absolute sweetheart of a dog who has wonderful house/shop manners. In addition to getting along well with her human co-workers, she easily befriends her canine counterparts as well. Nelly’s days are mostly compromised of lounging and eliciting smiles from the office team, playing with her favorite stuffed sea turtle, and rearranging her bed. When not in the office, Nelly can be found patrolling the shop for the occasional rouge mouse as well ensuring the continual happiness of our field crew. Car rides are also a favorite activity as they allow her to hang her head out the window to take in all the sights and smells.

Gary Tuttle

Gary is our Sales and Marketing Representative at SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann.  Gary brings a background of commercial and residential construction, in all aspects of the business, to SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann. Gary's background enable him to manage both the Residential and Commercial customers he encounters on a regular basis.  Gary's understanding of the building process combined with the restoration techniques at SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann make Gary a sought after resource for our customers!  Gary is always looking forward to talking with you or discussing Emergency Ready Profiles with you!  Gary is available to return your home or business to "like it never even happened".  Please call today to schedule a meeting with Gary!978-927-8665