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Be Prepared with a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile

It is stated that about 50% of commercial business who run into a disaster never re-open after that disaster occurred. SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann wants to help more business stay in business after an emergency happens and be there for support when needed. 

SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann established an Emergency Disaster Program so that when a disaster comes, you will have a blanket of security in times of panic. This is a detailed description of where to go, when to take action and who you can call. An emergency ready profile is vital for your commercial business because a disaster could happen at any moment, and SERVPRO wants to help prepare our customers for any disaster that may come your way. The ERP, or emergency ready profile is a profile that will have all the necessary information you need to handle situations with disasters. No contracts are involved and it is at no cost to you or your business. We locate all the emergency numbers you may need and emergency action checklist for a step by step on what to do in a disaster. We also have provided the necessary utility shut off locations for all the gas, electric, heat, water and other important locations to know and understand how to turn them off. This is vital because in case of emergencies and panic, you may not know how to even shut off the source, which is important because the source needs to be shut off before any action can be done. It will also give you a complete property overview, showing where emergency exits are and where exactly you should leave the property when evacuating. 

Time is of the essence in cases of emergency, so it is important to act fast to eliminate anymore disaster from occurring. By having a plan of action, you can readily be prepared and act in a timely manner, and limit the amount of time you as a company are inactive. Not only does the ERP save you time, but money as well. We obtain all your insurance information so you have it readily available at your convenience as a mobile app also. We have detailed an insurance policy information in your pamphlet to inform our customers what their policy is and what is covered by insurance. It is important to keep in mind, safety first and to account for everyone in the building and make sure everyone is okay before moving on. Things get crazy and hectic and emotions run high when a disaster occurs, so SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann wants to make this as easy as possible for our customers because we understand the hardships you might be going through at that moment. We can offer you all the services in the world to cleanup the damage, but the best service we can offer is helping you be prepared. 

SERVPRO wants the best for our customers and we know the best for them is the Emergency Ready Profile. SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann always has your back when it comes to preparedness and the essentials when dealing with a disaster. 

Halloween Safety Tips

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO pumpkins lit with battery operated candles. Opt for battery-operated candles instead of open flames in your jack-o'-lanterns.


  • Be bright at night – wear retro-reflective tape on costumes and treat buckets to improve visibility to motorists and others.
  • Wear disguises that don’t obstruct vision, and avoid facemasks. Instead, use nontoxic face paint. Also, watch the length of billowy costumes to help avoid tripping.
  • Ensure any props are flexible and blunt-tipped to avoid injury from tripping or horseplay.
  • Carry a flashlight containing fresh batteries, and place it facedown in the treat bucket to free up one hand. Never shine it into the eyes of oncoming drivers.
  • Stay on sidewalks and avoid walking in streets if possible.
  • If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.
  • Look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing the street.
  • Cross streets only at the corner, and never cross between parked vehicles or mid-block.
  • Trick-or-treat in a group if someone older cannot go with you.
  • Tell your parents where you are going.


  • Ensure an adult or older, responsible youth is available to supervise children under age 12.
  • Plan and discuss the route your trick-or-treaters will follow.
  • Instruct children to travel only in familiar areas and along established routes.
  • Teach children to stop only at well-lit houses and to never to enter a stranger’s home or garage.
  • Establish a time for children to return home.
  • Tell children not to eat any treats until they get home.
  • Review trick-or-treating safety precautions, including pedestrian and traffic safety rules.
  • Make sure Halloween costumes are flame-retardant and visible with retro-reflective material.


  • Slow down in residential neighborhoods and obey all traffic signs and signals. Drive at least 5 mph below the posted speed limit to give yourself extra time to react to children who may dart into the street.
  • Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs. In dark costumes, they’ll be harder to see at night.
  • Look for children crossing the street. They may not be paying attention to traffic and cross the street mid-block or between parked cars.
  • Carefully enter and exit driveways and alleys.
  • Turn on your headlights to make yourself more visible – even in the daylight.
  • Broaden your scanning by looking for children left and right into yards and front porches.

Ways to Reduce Chimney & Fireplace Pollution

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

Untreated, Seasoned Firewood Ways to Reduce Chimney & Fireplace Pollution

You have the power to reduce the amount of pollution created by your fireplace and chimney.

When you burn wood inefficiently, it produces higher levels of harmful gases and particulates that are released into the atmosphere. Increasing the efficiency of your fireplace and using the right fuel can decrease the environmental impact of using your fireplace. You can reduce the environmental impact of using your fireplace by taking a few steps to make your fireplace more eco-friendly.

7 Ways to Reduce Fireplace Pollution

  • Only Burn Untreated, Seasoned Firewood
  •  Open the Damper When the Fireplace is in Use
  • Don’t Tolerate a Smoky Fire
  • Install a New Chimney Liner
  • Invest in a Chimney Cap or Chase Cover
  • Ensure Fireplace & Chimney Additions Are Properly Installed
  • Have the Chimney Professionally Cleaned & Inspected Annually

Whenever you use your fireplace, deposits of soot or creosote buildup along the walls. Creosote buildup is known for being dangerous because it is highly combustible. It also dampens the chimney’s performance. Just a ½ inch of buildup can restrict airflow in the chimney from 17% to 30% according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. That can have a big impact on the fire’s ability to burn efficiently. Having your chimney cleaned at least once a year can keep your fireplace running efficiently.

By using the right fuel and investing in chimney maintenance, you can significantly reduce the impact your fireplace has on the environment. You will benefit from a fireplace that burns longer and hotter.

Prepping your Home for the Upcoming Winter Months

10/31/2016 (Permalink)

Now that fall is officially here, it's time to prepare your home for cold weather. These steps, most of which you can do yourself, will help lower your utility bills and protect your investment.

Some tips could include;

- If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, use it to run the fan's blades in a clockwise direction after you turn on your heat. Energy Star says the fan will produce an updraft and push down into the room heated air from the ceiling (remember, hot air rises). This is especially helpful in rooms with high ceilings -- and it might even allow you to turn down your thermostat by a degree or two for greater energy savings.

-If your home had lots of icicles last winter -- or worse, ice dams, which can cause meltwater to back up and flow into your house -- take steps to prevent potential damage this year. You will be happy you did!

-Turn of exterior faucets;
Undrained water in pipes can freeze, which will cause pipes to burst as the ice expands. Start by disconnecting all garden hoses and draining the water that remains in faucets.


Check and repair weather stripping before winter hits.

SERVPRO Honors Local Business for Outstanding Revenue Performance

8/10/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO, an industry leader in disaster cleanup, restoration and remediation services, recognized Vincent Lagrassa and Antonio Lagrassa of SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann with the PRESIDENT's Silver award for outstanding revenue performance. The Awards event took place at the company's 46th Annual Convention, held July 6 to July 10 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. The event attracted a record-setting group of more than 2,700 Franchise owners and key employees. 

"Winning this award requires a partnership between the dedicated team at SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann and our franchisor SERVPRO," said Vincent Lagrassa, SERVPRO of Beverly/Cape Ann owner. "We contribute by working hard to earn the trust and respect of home and business owners in our community. SERVPRO backs us up by providing us with the tools, training, and knowledge to help us maintain our leadership position in our industry. Together, we are ready at a moment's notice to step in with the highest level of professional assistance when disaster strikes."...